Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blog #5

Aaaand it's been shelved.


Alright so, last time I said Fractured Particles was back. Well... no.

I got a confession to make. I want Fractured Particles to come to fruition for sure but that game requires so much work put into it yet I have no idea how to get people to play it. It's a bit of a daunting task to get that game to be played. One of the reasons why I believe it is difficult is because not everyone will want to play it. At least that's how I feel. Not to mention work gets in the way and I have to both work and market that game at the same time and it's really cutting into my productivity time.

Oh who am I kidding. Those are all really excuses.

Truth be told, I rather produce than market and FP has a huge commitment required put into it, even with it's simplistic style. I believe that I have to lower my work load even more, and that is why I decided put FP on hold, put the other project I was working on in hiatus, and cancel the fan game. I'm working from step 1 again.

Yet again, I've started another project. Two of them in fact. This time, however, these are very quick projects. They are not huge by any means like my previous ones were. I'm working on two games, one that is being made for YouTube and one that will take a week to finish.

Now firstly, what do I mean "for YouTube"? I'm working on a series of videos but these are going to be quick time events. Pretty much how it work's is that you watch the video and at certain times you have to click on a annotation to proceed or else the video ends. It's like  a big quick time event for YouTube. I can actually finish this project in a month or two complete so I'm banking on that.

The other project is something much more simpler. It's actually a silly game where you have to collect animals, only the animals are horrible abominations. The game is called Hybrid Animals and I aim to finish it by the end of this week so watch out for that.

Yes, I know, I keep picking up and quitting projects. That's been my problem for quite a while. The truth is, I really want people to play my games and I know that simply posting them online will not cut it. I have to advertise but advertising and producing at the same time is real grunt work. I prefer to finish the product first and then proceed to get people's attention, which is a very difficult task. I'm hoping by creating a project that has low work load could probably elevate this hurdle that I have.

So yes I have started new projects on top of other projects that are on hold, but I promise you this: I will no longer pick up any more projects. I'm banking on these two to actually get somewhere. Anything else will result in a casual game which I do not want to do.

By the end of this month something good will come from this I'm sure, so be sure to stay tuned.