Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blog #3

A new life is about to begin: mine.

So here's the thing: last blog entry I wrote, I was thinking of finding a new job in transcription but I believe I was just making light of it.

The face I must of made when I found a job doing just that the very next day, and even more so when I found out I got paid the following week from it. Yes! I found a new job in transcribing. It's not high paying right now but I love it better than my current job (which I quit got fired from). The site says I can make upwards of $700+ after 60 days of working so it's going to be a struggle for those 60 days, but thankfully I have some funding on my bank account to survive those two months. However, since this is an online job, I'm not sure if that is a guarantee. Regardless, a job is a job and I nailed one. So that means my position here in North Carolina is over. I am going to move out to Los Angeles next week.

Sorry about spilling that out. This isn't suppose to be a personal blog but I insist to mention my current position in life because it does affect Fractured Particles. So with that said, I must announce that I am putting aside Fractured Particles for now. With the current situation I have about moving out on my own in one of the biggest cities in the US (thus making it one of the most expensive), the project is being put aside.

However, that is only one reason.

Marketing a new IP is very difficult, especially when you're a nobody. I'm am very happy with everyone who has said so many nice things about the game, and am super grateful to those who have made videos about the game; you have my undying gratitude for sure. However, I feel that it may not be enough to get everyone's attention. Not to mention I am starving to do some programming again. Marketing is fine but I really just want to create games. If I had someone to help me spread the word about my game, I would for certain have them do it for me, but that luxury is something I don't have. So what can I do to continue programming while still getting the message across about the game? Make another game.

So Fractured Particles is going in hiatus for a few months but a new game is going to be created, so be sure to stick around for that.

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